crypto-backed stablecoin on EOS




eosUSD presents a stablecoin on EOS which tracks the US Dollar.

The platform offers borrowing stablecoin against EOS cryptos and will later offer borrowing EOS cryptos against stablecoin

As a DAC we aim to decentralize financial services on the EOS dApp layer in a way that perhaps block.one cannot, as they focus on the base layer eosio.

eosUSD can be imagined as a decentralized prime broker with no central point of control, with on-chain risk and compliance, enabling peer to peer borrowing of both crypto tokens and "cash" stablecoin.

Our utility token has four utilities: Access to the system as a borrower or insurer enabling user vote power for electing DAC custodians. For paying/earning stablecoin loan insurance premiums. Provides backing to stablecoin loans as an insurer of last resort, a final reserve. Paying the fee token on time allows the user to maintain a crypto credit score.

eosUSD is a community effort.


Talk to us on telegram or visit our github: